4x Smart Towel Sets
4x Smart Towel Sets
4x Smart Towel Sets

4x Smart Towel Sets

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Soji is a one of a kind bamboo towel, soft to your every touch. With silver infusion, Soji has the ability to self-clean and make sure that it stays fresh after multiple uses. Musty towels will not be part of your worries anymore!


Pure silver eliminates 99.9% of bacterial growth.


Kills odor-causing microbes so your towel stays fresher for longer.

5-Star Hotel Quality

Pure silver fused with bamboo fibers for the softest, cleanest, most huggable towel ever made.

Luxuriously Soft

600-thread count ultra-fine and luxuriously smooth bamboo threads.

Quick Drying

Dries 3x faster than regular towels.


Absorbs 5x its weight in water.


Twisted yarn weave and signature stitching ensure Soji gets fluffier over time without piling or fraying.

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Clean Like Nothing Else









Cloud-Like Softness on Your Skin.

Soji's ultra-fine bamboo fiber is the reason why our towels are so luxuriously soft, so soft that you wouldn't mind sleeping on it after a nice shower. Along with its high threadcount, Soji is hyper-absorbent and works great on all skin types.

Fight off Bacteria The Natural Way.

Infused with silver, Soji can fight off bacteria and self-clean naturally, making it antibacterial and anti-odor, staying clean longer than most towels can. It is also extremely breathable, so that the towel doesn't turn foul or musty.

Tailor-Made With Japanese Technology.

Designed in Japan, Soji is delicately made with high threadcounts. The advanced Japanese technology creates a soft and compact texture that gives our towels a world-class touch.

Save The Environment by Going Bamboo With Soji

By using Soji, you are saving the world big-time! Soji is sustainbly made to minimise carbon emission. With its self-cleaning ability, Soji also saves you many trips to the laundromat, hence saving a large amount of water and electricity.

You are doing Earth a huge favor!

Soji eliminates bacteria before it even has the chance to reproduce

Soji eliminates bacteria before it even has the chance to reproduce